This is Prijai, we are manufacturers of heat exchangers. Our products are the heart of refrigerators and air conditioners.

Got together in 1993, grew together at Thane, Maharashtra and today the world knows Prijai as the finest manufacturer of Condensor & Cooling Coils, Air-Cooled Condensing Unit, and Copper Fittings and System Tubing. Customers in the HVAC industry value us for engineering excellence in product quality and for maintaining close-knit relations with our clients. Bringing greater longevity and reliability to our products is the one thing we care a lot, and that’s how we would like Prijai to be known.



To be the most respected and preferred enterprise by satisfying customers by providing with a wide range of heat exchangers, products and solutions to the AC&R industries with the competent team members and the latest technology.



To serve all our customers by providing quality products at competitive price, with timely delivery and prompt service for maintaining a long term relation.

The rapid rate of technological advancement has opened doors for opportunities as well as challenges. The skill to innovate and the ability to find your feet with the latest technologies are going to be the challenges of this century. But along with innovation it is important to have responsible penchant for delivering quality and good service.

At PRIJAI HEAT EXCHANGERS PVT LTD, we are a team devoted to quality and reliability.  Over the years, during our long affiliation with numerous clients, across the globe, we have earned a fair share of goodwill in terms of Quality and Trust.

Mr. Arun Sarnobat

Prijai Heat Exchangers Pvt. Ltd.

Superior Quality that enhances life of cooling devices

At Prijai, we adhere to strict Quality Control Measures. The Quality Control Department is well-equipped to meet the most stringent quality demands of the clients. Vigorous tests are conducted under strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all raw materials and finished products to ensure that clean, hygienic, defect free and infallible products are delivered to the customers.

Quality Engineers examine coil components, tubes, and fins as each coil is assembled. In-house inspectors review the coils at key stages and check that all special instructions are followed. Once the coil is fully assembled, it undergoes a final inspection. Each coil is leak-tested to avert any leakages in the coil.

Finest Quality to give longevity to products

Raw Material Sourcing

We procure world class raw material required to produce finest quality products that are acceptable worldwide. We keep the stock of following raw materials which are well accepted in the industry.

Aluminium foil in bare or blue / gold colour, precoated with Hydrophilic / Hydrophobic treatment. Thickness range: 0.105mm to 0.20mm

7mm, 9.52 mm, 12.7 mm copper tube with inner grooved and smooth copper tubes. The IG tube specification is with respect to large size coils for commercial applications

American Society for Testing and Materials
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ISO 9001-2008